Salon Services

Hair Care Services

Haircut and Style
Whether you are a man, woman or child, Rejuvenation Salon can give you a haircut that best fits your hair type, facial features, and personal style. Every service includes a thorough consultation, ensuring that you will love the result! We want to bring out the real you, and make you feel your very best.

Color Service
Whether you want all-over color, multi-dimensional block placement, or corrective work, our hair color specialists will formulate the perfect tone and placement to add texture, tone and movement to your hair. Our color services are amazing! Whatever your preference- blonde, red or brunette, you can have it! With the versatility of color line, we can provide beautiful, long lasting color and shine.

For a multi-dimensional look with your color, one or more colors may be custom blended to achieve the perfect balance of lightness and dark, as well as various tones and shades of color.

Corrective Hair Color (Consultation required)
Corrective Coloring is a challenging art. At Rejuvenation Salon time is taken to first demineralize your hair so that the color redeposited has a clean foundation to work with and shows in it's true tone. We use our extensive knowledge about pigments and placement to achieve the desired result, letting you feel like yourself again!

Straightening Services
Tired of spending hours with the flat iron?  Try the Anti-Curl straightening services.  You can take out a little or most of the curl , leaving the hair frizz free, shinny and manageable.  Your will be amazed at how quickly you can style your hair into a smooth silky look and how well it stands up to Florida’s humid days.

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Hair Removal Services

Waxing is the most effective, longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique available. When wax is warm, it enters the follicle, allowing the hair to be pulled out from the root. Almost any area of the body can be waxed and new hairs do not grow back in the waxed area for three to eight weeks. Waxing removes the hair and dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth. Following are the Waxing Services we offer:

  • Eyebrow, Lip or Chin
  • Full Face
  • Full Leg
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Vajazzling
  • Full Back
  • Nose
  • Underarm

Nail Services

Shellac Manicure
Shellac Creative Nail, with UV3 technology. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Nail Color! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes

Reg. Manicure
Your choice of nail color, nails properly filed, cuticles cared for, massage of the hand and arm

Men's Manicure
Nails filed and buffed, hand and arm massage with oil clear polish applied if wish or buffed only

Toe nails properly filed and cuticles cared for, feet soaked in warm bath, foot and lower leg massage, nail polish applied

Rockstar Pedicure
Pedicure procedures followed and shellac manicure procedure followed with glitter added to the shellac color

Shellac Pedicure
Pedicure procedures followed by shellac color used in place of removable nail polish

Polish Change

Skin Care Services

  • Facial
  • Acne Facial
  • Backtreatment

Eyelash Extensions

Award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade lash extension adhesives have earned NovaLash its reputation as “the healthiest” professional eyelash extension system. Comprised of a wide-ranging palette of colors, textures and sizes of eyelash extensions that can be combined for looks that run the gamut from subtle and natural to trendy and glamorous; each lash application is a work of art with an intricate finish. You will love Your Set of Novalash Lash Extensions, Instantly adds, fullness and length to your lashes. No more Mascara needed.

“NovaLash eyelash extensions are an “instant pretty” for any woman who desires for longer, fuller lashes. NovaLash eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash-by-lash, bonded with award-winning medical-grade adhesives, by certified professional NovaLash stylists. They are weightless, wonderful and truly transformative.” - Sophy Merszei, CEO of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions.

Permanent Makeup

Enjoy the beauty , the brillance of permanent makeup

With a combined mastery of informed skill and a mastery of artistic vision, Jeanne creates the allure of enduring beauty with permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing that lasts for many years. It is quickly becoming the effortless choice of countless people who want to define, or redefine their appearance.

Bring a sense of definition and dimension to your eyes with a defined liner.

An Eyebrow enhancement can bring definition to your brows and face and cast a lovely fuller appearance for your entire eye area. Multicolored Hair strokes create soft, and natural nuances of color and complexity.

Lip Liner
Accentuate the shape of your lips to create a fuller appearance. Permanent lip line can also correct an uneven line, for more defined, beautiful lips.

Full Lip Color
This technique ensures your lips are always the perfect, most flattering shade, without ever fading, streaking, or smudging.

Permanent makeup offers untold practical advantages for busy, working, active women. Although, each person's wishes and objectives are unique.Ultimately, permanent makeup is the choice for many women more often for the delightful way it makes them feel.

CryBaby Mascara

It is a professionally applied mascara, custom mixed for each client.

  • Takes only 30 minutes to apply
  • Dries quickly, forming an antimicrobial, flexible coating on the lash
  • Adds color, thickness, and length to the lashes
  • 100% waterproof, smudge and smear proof, and lasts 2weeks
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Ideal for events, vacations, and weddings

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