Permanent Makeup


Enjoy the beauty , the brillance of permanent makeup

With a combined mastery of informed skill and a mastery of artistic vision, Jeanne creates the allure of enduring beauty with permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing that lasts for many years. It is quickly becoming the effortless choice of countless people who want to define, or redefine their appearance.

Bring a sense of definition and dimension to your eyes with a defined liner.

An Eyebrow enhancement can bring definition to your brows and face and cast a lovely fuller appearance for your entire eye area.

Lip Liner
Accentuate the shape of your lips to create a fuller appearance. Permanent lip line can also correct an uneven line, for more defined, beautiful lips.

Full Lip Color
This technique ensures your lips are always the perfect, most flattering shade, without ever fading, streaking, or smudging.

Permanent makeup offers untold practical advantages for busy, working, active women. Although, each person's wishes and objectives are unique.Ultimately, permanent makeup is the choice for many women more often for the delightful way it makes them feel.

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